Motley Crue isn't over after final tour - Neil


Vince Neil has emphasised that Motley Crue aren't going to end their career when they complete their farewell tour, which starts this month.

They signed a high-profile contract in January meaning that they’d be sued if they ever hit the road after their world trek ends in 2015.

The farewell plans include a single called All Bad Things Must Come To An End and a movie based on their biography The Dirt.

But Neil tells TNTRadioEmpire: “The band isn’t over. Here’s the thing – Motley Crue is a business and there’s different parts of the business. There’s merchandising, there’s music and there’s touring.

“We’re just ceasing the touring part. But there’s still going to be music coming from Motley Crue for different types of things, and still merchandise and stuff like that.

“We’re just saying we won’t tour any more – that’s really kind of it.”

Last year bassist Nicki Sixx had previously said the band would “blow their own brains out” in a bid to ensure they never staged a comeback.

In May he revealed they were looking at future “licensing opportunities,” and that, although there might be more music, “it’s not like we’re going to start releasing full-length records every two years.” He added: “Our plan is to cease touring then see what else is out there.”