Moron Police update on new "sprawling concept" album

Moron Police
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Norwegian prog quartet Moron Police have been discussing progress on their upcoming new album.

The band, who recently released their latest EP The Stranger And The High Tide have revealed their next full-length album will be a sprawling concept affair which is tentatively titled Pachinko.

“Things are not set in stone, as far as Pachinko is concerned," they reveal. "But we can divulge that there will be at least TWO 10-minute epics included, a weird concept story, a heavier sound, a softer sound, a more technical sound—generally speaking, it will be one heck of a ride. It will be the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done or attempted, and if we fail, we intend to fail gloriously. We hope you’ll be along for the ride!”

The band have also revealed that the recent EP helps build a bridge between their last record and Pachinko.

“I had these songs lying around and they seemed to fit together, so an EP seemed like a nice thing to do," frontman of the band, Sondre Skollevoll explains. "They sound too different to feature on one of our main albums, but they still deserve a home!

"It should be listened to in one go, as far as I’m concerned, as it’s got one of those patented book open/close thing that many prog fans seem to like (me too!). It will also connect with our next album lyrically, if not sonically. The EP is not indicative of what the new main album will sound like.”

Get The Stranger And The High Tide.

Jerry Ewing

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