Mike Keneally replaces Jason Bieler in ProgJect

Mike Keneally
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ProgJect, the ultimate superstar prog covers band put together by former Marillion and GTR drummer Jonathan Mover, featuring  Saga frontman Michael Sadler, Ryo Okomutu from Spock's Beard and Sound Of Contact's Matt Dorsey, have announced that guitarist/keyboardist Mike Keneally, known for his work with Frank Zappa, has joined the band. He replaces former Saigon Kick man Jason Bieler.

“Mike was actually the first name on my guitarist wish list two years ago when I first put the concept of ProgJect on paper, but he was unavailable at the time," enthuses Mover. "Needless to say, the world came to a halt and has changed a lot since then, but this is one very good thing that’s come from the downtime. After a handful of phone calls, MP3 emails and scheduling details, they finally got together to play; it took less than a minute into the first song for eyebrows to rise and smiles to appear–everyone knew this was meant to be. With Mike onboard, all things in music are possible! He’s the perfect fit and final piece of the ProgJect puzzle.”

“So many things fell into place for this to feel like a perfect step for me to take right now," adds Keneally. "I grew up loving these songs and bands so much, and taught myself to play the songs, but have only rarely had the chance to play this material professionally. I’ve flirted with prog my whole career without ever really falling face first into it. Now with ProgJect, I’m having an incredible amount of fun playing music which comes naturally to me, with these brilliantly talented players who not only sound fantastic but whose company I enjoy a hell of a lot. The set lists and medleys that Jonathan constructed are hugely creative and fun to play, and I think people - or prog fans, at least - will lose their minds with happiness at the gigs. These shows are shaping up to be really powerful celebrations - I can’t wait to unleash this band.”

The group are currently in rehearsals for their upcoming US tour which kicks off in April.

"ProgJect wishes to thank and extend their gratitude to The Baron, Jason Bieler, for graciously lending his time and talent, and keeping the fretboard warm," the band add.

Jerry Ewing

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