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Metallica still miss Cliff Burton

Metallica with Cliff Burton
Burton, right, with Metallica in 1986 (Image credit: Getty)

Metallica have discussed their feelings about late bassist Cliff Burton in a video for their book about Master Of Puppets.

He died in a tour bus crash in 1986, soon after the release of the band’s groundbreaking third album. But his legacy is still remembered by his bandmates, along with the continuing influence of his father Ray. Watch the video below.

Discussing Metallica: Back To The Front, which is published this month, frontman James Hetfield says: “I still miss Cliff, no doubt. I’d love to see him again at some point. So seeing photos that I haven’t seen before, especially where we’re together, that is awesome. To get another piece of him back into my heart is great.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich says of Ray: “He’s a great human being. The fact that he’s Cliff Burton’s dad is another reason we love having him around.

“But that’s not the primary reason. Ray has weather all of these experiences with a smile on his face. Whenever he walks into a room he always has this incredible positive energy.”

Hetfield adds: “When I grow up I want to be Ray Burton!”

Metallica will release long-awaited 10th album Hardwired… To Self Destruct on November 18, to be followed with extensive touring starting in January. Ulrich this week said that he hoped the band could continue recording and touring until they were physically incapable, adding: “Mentally, we could do this for another 100 years.”

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