The confessions of Nikki Sixx: “I woke up in the Bahamas after a four-day binge in LA”

(Image credit: Mick Hutson/Redferns)

When was the first time you got arrestec?

“Man… I guess it must have been when I was about eight years old, and they didn’t arrest me properly, but they did scare the living shit out of me. I was throwing rocks at people’s houses and trying to break their windows. I achieved my goal, but I didn’t realise that the police would show up, and they did. I was so scared by them, it kept me straight for about five years.”

What's the worst thing you’ve ever done on a date?

“I would probably say throwing up on my date! Ha ha ha ha! That’s never good, is it? Has it happened more than once? Well, there was a time, and I have probably done it more than I remember. I was pretty good at throwing up for a while.”

Has there ever been a time where you’ve had to do something drastic to get a girl?

“To get a girl? No. But there would be times when I would have two girls coming over at the same time, so I’d have to lie, like, ‘Oh, I have a meeting to go to’, but really I’d be going to another girl’s house or getting a girl to leave so another one can come over. Being a rock star is very business-oriented. Ha ha ha!”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while tripping?

“When I was tripping, I used to always think that I could put my fingers through cement, like, put them into the wall and feel around like it was a sponge. It’s fixed in my brain; I remember laying in my friend’s basement, tripping on LSD and sitting there and trying to feel through the walls. I was saying, ‘Woah, this is amazing!’ Of course, the wall was never real.”

What's the weirdest place you’ve ever woken up after a night out?

“Well there’s been a lot of places where I didn’t know where I was at, like hotels, and you look around at four or five in the morning, and you realise that you have no way to get home. You’d wake up and you wouldn’t know what city or country you were in. I once woke near the Bahamas, after a four-day binge in Los Angeles.”

Have you ever disgraced yourself at a wedding?

“Erm, probably at Tommy’s [Lee, Motley Crue drummer] wedding to Heather Locklear. I was pretty strung out on heroin, and now I look back on it and go, ‘Wow, that was crazy.’ It was pretty disgraceful; I spent more time shooting heroin than I did being the best man.”

Whats your most disgusting personal habit?

“I think I have a problem picking my nose. Hahaha!I do it all the time. I do it when I’m onstage… I do it in interviews… and I’m doing it right now. I’m picking my nose.”

Have you ever broken a bone in a bar fight?

“I’ve had the obvious black eyes, but I know that once a policeman cracked me across the face with a baton and cracked my cheekbone. My whole face swelled up and I had this huge black eye. I had to go onstage with it, but I thought it looked pretty cool! Black eyes are the new Mohawk! Ha ha ha!”

When was the last time you did something you really regretted while drunk?

“Well, I haven’t used in so long that I can’t even remember the last time there was something [outrageous I did while high/ drunk]. But I was in London doing a bunch of stuff for the Sixx: A.M. album, and I was exhausted, laying naked in bed in a hotel, when the doorbell rings. I’m not exactly shy or anything, so I opened the door, and I was standing there completely naked! The room service looked at me, looked down and then looked away in terror. I think it made them uncomfortable, but I was fine with it – at least I didn’t have high heels on!”

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