Metallica release new live footage of Harvester Of Sorrow from 72 Seasons tour

Metallica frontman James Hetfield performing live in 2023
(Image credit: Metallica via YouTube)

Metallica have released new pro-shot footage of the band playing Harvester Of Sorrow live.

The song, which was originally featured on 1988’s …And Justice For All, was filmed during the band’s set in St Louis, Missouri, on November 3.

Metallica played at The Dome At America’s Center in St Louis on November 3 and November 5 as part of the ongoing M72 world tour. The tour sees the band perform two shows at every city they visit with no repeated songs.

Metal Hammer attended the band’s twin M72 headline sets at Download festival in Donington, UK, back in June. Journalist Merlin Alderslade gave the nights 4.5-star and five-star reviews, respectively.

Alderslade called night two “the ultimate celebration of heavy metal”, reporting: “[James] Hetfield is on epic form, his voice sounding rich and powerful, his stage banter equal parts moving ("We are Metallica...and so are you") and hilarious (his embarrassed reaction to Lars Ulrich accidentally terrifying a young fan the drummer very sweetly offers to bring on stage draws peals of laughter: "Oh, Lars...Lars makes all the girls cry."). He also remains the coolest motherfucker in rock music, looking like a heavy metal sheriff surveying his township as he strides out on stage, cigar in mouth and squid-adorned ESP in hand, as the band slice through Ride The Lightning instrumental The Call Of Ktulu.

“Donington eats it all up: the scenes that break out during Whiskey In The Jar look like something from a particularly rowdy wedding dancefloor; an explosive One sees everyone full-heartedly singing along to the riff, solo and everything in between; the huge fireworks display that explodes into life during Enter Sandman draw 'Oohs', 'Ahhs' and cheers aplenty. It's the ultimate heavy metal celebration, and no one is holding back.”

Metallica are touring to promote their 72 Seasons album, which they released in April to positive reviews. Hammer journalist Stephen Hill gave the album 3.5 stars.

Metallica will next perform live in mainland Europe, from May to July 2024, then tour the Americas from August until September.

Matt Mills
Contributing Editor, Metal Hammer

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