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Metalhead screams out grocery list while doing his weekly shop, because The Internet

Metalhead TikTok
(Image credit: @thehomielarry)

Once again, metal has combined its mighty forces with the power of the internet, and the results are hours of riveting entertainment. 

In a new TikTok, metal fan Larry Helton takes viewers on a trip to his local supermarket, as he lists items that we can only assume he's planning on buying as part of his weekly shop. And by "lists", we actually mean he brutally screams in true metalhead fashion.

Captioning his domestic escapade "Buying groceries metal edition", Helton storms the shop as he screams out for "DORITOOOOS", "COFFEEEEEEE", "MAC-A-RO-NI AND CHEEEEEEEEEESE", "2% MEEEEEELK" and much more.

And if one paltry video isn't enough for you, fear not: Helton has continued his series with more metal editions of trips to supermarkets. The one that really slapped a smile on our faces though is his "metal fruit and veggies" video, where he films the reaction of people witnessing his screams in the store. Spoiler alert, they don't look happy.

Check it out below:


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