Metal Hammer: Roadkill update turns game up to 11


Metal Hammer: Roadkill has undergone its first major update and now includes added tracks by Sabaton and Hammerfall.

The rhythm-based game now features a new ‘normal’ game mode for easier play, along with an improved ‘hard’ setting and a voiceover from TeamRock Radio. Nuclear Blast Records provide the soundtrack, which also includes tracks by Immortal, Vader, Threshold, Epica, Exodus and Suicide Silence.

The tutorial has also been polished, improved and updated. Brian Baglow, executive producer of TeamRock Games, says: “There haven’t been enough games featuring heavy metal and rock. TeamRock plans to change that. This first update turns things up to 11.

“Metal Hammer: Roadkill is our first major release and we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best metal bands, thanks to our friends at Nuclear Blast.

“We’ve unlocked Riot De Janeiro from the start, so you can skip the tutorial if you’re feeling lucky, punk.

“Expect more metal, more updates and more mayhem from Roadkill in the near future.”

The new Hammerfall track added to the store is Bushido, while Sabaton’s To Hell And Back is also available.

Download Metal Hammer: Roadkill for iOS via the iTunes store and for Android via Google Play.