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Metal fans officially most likely to have sex in a car, says survey

A couple having sex in a car
(Image credit: Slyadnev / Getty Images)

Metal fans are most like to have had a sex in a car, according to a new survey.

In a possible breakthrough for science and/or music, a survey by Nw York ticket resellers TickPick has revealed that 75 per cent of metal fans have had a “sexual encounter” in a vehicle. 

26.7 per cent of people said they were most likely to listen to classic rock while having sex in a car – the second most popular soundtrack after R&B/soul.

20.4 per cent of people said they preferred alt-rock, and 12.6 per cent chose heavy metal, beating country (9.9 per cent), EDM (.9.6 per cent) and jazz (6.4 per cent).

Elsewhere in the survey, 49 per cent of people said that loud music made them drive more recklessly, while it turns out that men are more likely to be annoyed by lousy in-car singing than women.

The survey was answered by 950 respondents. It's unclear if the data has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. 

In 2016, research by sex toy manufacturers Love Honey revealed that Glastonbury was the UK’s most promiscuous festival, with Download ranked in third place.



(Image credit: TickPick)

(Image credit: TickPick)