Meshuggah unleash lethal new single Light The Shortening Fuse

Meshuggah 2022
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Meshuggah have released a new single, Light The Shortening Fuse, from their upcoming seventh studio album, Immutable, which is due out on April 1 via Atomic Fire. 

The track is the second to be released from the forthcoming record, following on from The Abysmal Eye, which arrived last month with a post-apocalyptic, movie-quality video directed by Scott Hansen. The cinematic footage features hypnotic digital art and darkly mysterious characters inside an alien landscape.

The band have described their new album as "their wildest and most esoteric sonic adventure yet." Speaking to Metal Hammer, drummer Tomas Haake says of the high expectations surrounding Immutable, "I think we have always felt that if there's pressure on us, it comes from ourselves in the band. Whenever we present new music to each other in the band - that's kinda the crucible or trial by fire that the music needs to pass.

"Once the material gets the thumbs up from the other bandmates, that's all we can do..." he continues.

"We can't be wondering too much about what we think the fans might want and whether they feel they wish to hear ‘fast this, quirky that, tune lower, impossible beats please’... So, we don't need to block it out as it's always blocked out!"

Commenting on Haake's performance on the new album, guitarist Mårten Hagström adds "Tomas has always been a monster behind the drum kit, but I think we managed to capture more of his drumming style this time around. Like I’ve said, Tomas has always sounded great, but this is stepping it up a notch.”

Pre-order Immutable now and listen to Light The Shortening Fuse below:

Immutable tracklist:

01. Broken Cog
02. The Abysmal Eye
03. Light The Shortening Fuse
04. Phantoms
05. Ligature Marks
06. God He Sees In Mirrors
07. They Move Below
08. Kaleidoscope
09. Black Cathedral
10. I Am That Thirst
11. The Faultless
12. Armies Of The Preposterous
13. Past Tense

Mushuggah - Immutable album art

(Image credit: Atomic Fire)
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