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Mercyful Fate could make 'final, cool' album

Guitarist Hank Shermann says he’s confident a new Mercyful Fate album will see the light of day.

And although he stresses nothing is planned at this point, he insists that recording a follow-up to 1999’s 9 is a real possibility.

Shermann tells Metal Wani: “We still have a contract with Metal Blade –we still have one album left. So I would personally love to do a final cool album.

“I think it’s more up to King Diamond. He’s doing the Abigail tour now and they’re looking into recording a new album and maybe tour with that.”

He adds: “It needs to be done at the right time. But I’m sure it will happen at some point – it would be a shame if it didn’t.”

Shermann has teamed up with Mercyful Fate colleague Michael Denner under the name Denner Shermann to release four-track EP Satan’s Tomb, out on October 2 via Metal Blade Records. The pair hope to issue their as-yet-untiled album in May 2016.

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Satan’s Tomb tracklist

  1. Satan’s Tomb
  2. War Witch
  3. New Gods
  4. Seven Skulls