Cavalera, Caggiano and Tolis guest on Melechesh album


Max Cavalera, Rob Caggiano and Sakis Tolis all say they’re honoured to have recorded guest tracks for Melechesh’s sixth album Enki.

The follow-up to 2010’s The Epigenesis will be launched on March 2 via Nuclear Blast – it’s their first since drummer Xul was replaced with former member Lord Curse.

Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed frontman Cavalera reports: “I’m a big fan and I think The Epigenesis is one of the greatest extreme metal records ever done. Our worlds finally collide; long live Melechesh!”

Caggiano, who joined Volbeat last year after leaving Anthrax, adds: “I’ve been a fan for a while now and it was an honour play a solo. These guys sound like nothing else out there.”

Rotting Christ frontman Tolis says he called Melechesh opposite number Ashmedi as soon as he heard they’d be recording in Greece. He comments: “I believe this is one of the most unique and atmospheric metal albums I’ve heard in years. I’m definitely proud working with the Kings of Fire.”

Ashmedi is delighted with each guest’s contribution. “Max is a lion – I love his voice,” the vocalist says. “Rob and I always wanted to collaborate, and his lead rocks. They all did an outstanding job.”


  1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged

  2. The Pendulum Speaks

  3. Lost Tribes – featuring Max Cavalera

  4. Multiple Truths

  5. Enki - Divine Nature Awoken – featuring Sakis Tolis

  6. Metatron And Man

  7. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli – featuring Rob Caggiano

  8. Doorways To Irkala

  9. The Outsiders