Megadeth’s Nick Menza tribute show might not happen says Dave Mustaine

Nick Menza
Nick Menza

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine says he won’t proceed with plans to gather all the band’s surviving members for a tribute show to Nick Menza – if the late drummer’s family don’t want it to happen.

Menza suffered a heart attack died last month at the age of 51 while performing with current band Ohm, which also featured former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. Plans had been put in motion to hold a memorial concert, with the proceeds to be donated to Menza’s family.

But Mustaine tells EonMusic: “There’s some stuff going on right now where the family is doing a GoFundMe page, and I’m not involved in that.

“If they need our help they know where we’re at. We love them, and want the best for them.”

In the meantime, Mustaine wants fans to support the crowdfunding campaign. “Our involvement is to help Nick’s legacy for his children,” he says. “He’s got artwork. He’s got a lot of music that he’s written outside of Megadeth.

“If people really love Nick and want to support him, look at his artwork. Focus on the music he did, Megadeth or otherwise.”

The GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise $65,000 for his two sons. Organisers say: “Nick was a man in transformation – he had a new band, he had a new energy, he had recently finished his biography.

“He was living life right, working out, mountain biking, going to bed early and getting up early. He was the happiest he’d been in a very long time.

“Nick just played drums with more passion than his heart could take, and that’s the truth.”

Meanwhile, former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young has announced two tribute show for Menza, featuring his duo outfit Jeff Young & Sherri. The first takes place in Las Vegas on July 16 and the second in Los Angeles on July 23. All proceeds will go to the Menza family fund and full details will be announced in due course.

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