Mustaine made wine to bring metal and classical fans together

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Social lubricant: Mustaine in beer promo

Dave Mustaine’s foray into making wine and beer started out as an attempt to make sure fans of heavy metal and classical music could all get along together, he’s revealed.

And the co-creator of Megadeth’s beer has explained why he insisted it should have the lowest alcohol content his brewery have ever made.

The drink, called A Tout Le Monde after the band’s 1994 track, is launched today (October 21).

Mustaine decided to release his own wine as he worked on a show with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra in 2014.

He tells Forbes: “You’ve got people wearing leather jackets who’d probably never worn leather other than belts and shoes.

“And you’ve got headbangers who’ve gone out and rented tuxedos. It was a cute kind of thing, and the wine was a social lubricant.”

The experiment led to the creation of Mustaine Vineyards, and later he began working with Unibroue brewer Jerry Vietz to create the 4.5% beer.

Guitar player Vietz says: “Megadeth and Metallica – it’s not a sit-and-watch show. People are very active, and the more they drink the worse things might become.

“Could you imagine people pumped on Megadeth and a 9% beer? That could be a disaster.”

Mustaine, who’s struggled with alcoholism in the past, adds that he’s now capable of drinking socially without losing control.

“Some people can never drink like normal people, but I can and do,” he reports. “I can probably drink four or five beers – being a rock star, I’ve got to watch my gut.”

Mustaine and Vietz plan to share the first manufactured bottle of A Tout Le Monde at a launch event tonight. Megadeth just completed a world tour in support of latest album Dystopia, which was released in January.

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