Mastodon set to start writing 7th album


Mastodon have revealed that they’re about to start writing their seventh album and discussed the ‘healing power’ of music.

In an interview with LiveNation, drummer Brann Dailor reveals that writing sessions for the follow-up to 2014’s Once More ‘Round The Sun are due to begin shortly.

He says: “We’re about to go into writing. With a new record looming, I just want to be able to do something different and not be stagnant with my playing. Every new album is another opportunity to do more better. Because we should do more better, shouldn’t we?”

Guitarist Bill Kelliher adds that one of the most satisfying things about being a musician is learning that their work can sometimes help people who are in distress. And he says music has also helped him to deal with issues, including his mother’s recent cancer diagnosis.

Kelliher says: “I’ve got so many emails from people, and it seems like we’ve done a lot more healing with a lot of our records. How much better a compliment can it be that you are actually helping someone who’s hurting.

“My mom has terminal cancer and I just found out. When I’m on stage every night her image goes through my head and I play and say,’ I’m doing this for her. I’m gonna make her proud.’

“Music is healing. It’s healed me. I’ve been in dark, deep places and I’ve put a record on and, I might no know what they’re saying, but they’re talking to me. It’s like 100 Band Aids all over your body.”

Last year, Kelliher revealed he had reached a major milestone of being sober for a year.

Mastodon headline Bloodstock 2016 on August 13, after shows at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory on May 5 and Norway’s Oyafestivalen on August 11.