Mark Morton “thrilled” at direction of new Lamb Of God material

Lamb Of God are in "full throttle" mode

Lamb Of God are currently working on material for the follow-up to 2015’s VII: Sturm und Drang, according to guitarist Mark Morton.

He revealed the news in an interview with Full Metal Jackie – and he says the tracks that he and guitarist Willie Adler have been working on have a “really cool energy.”

When asked about the status of Lamb Of God, Morton replies: “Lamb Of God is in full swing. We are currently working on new material that I’m thrilled about. I just had some sessions with Willie putting together new songs. There’s a really cool energy going on with the new stuff – so Lamb Of God is full throttle. 

“We’ve got shows coming together and lots of new material coming together. There will be no shortage of Lamb Of God this year, for sure.”

There’s a really cool energy going on with the new stuff – so Lamb Of God is full throttle

Mark Morton

Morton is also preparing to release his new solo album Anesthetic, which will launch on March 1 via WPP/Spinefarm Records.

It features a collaboration with the late Chester Bennington, along with guests Alissa White-Gluz, Jacoby Shaddix, Mark Lanegan, Chuck Billy, Jake Oni, Myles Kennedy, Mark Morales, Josh Todd, Naeemah Maddox and his Lamb Of God bandmate Randy Blythe.

And, asked if he’s considered trying to get together with some of the musicians he collaborated with for future live shows, Morton replies: “I have been. That’s something I’m really excited at trying to work out.

“That’s in process and I’ve been having some conversations with people and putting feelers out there to see how we can pull this off.

“It’s not something I thought about at the beginning of the project but now that it’s come together, I feel like it would add another component to it and make it even more real to get it out there and perform these songs in front of people. It’s something I’m definitely working on.”

Anesthetic is now available for pre-order. Find further details below.

Mark Morton: Anesthetic
1. Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington)
2. Sworn Apart (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)
3. Axis (feat. Mark Lanegan)
4. The Never (feat. Chuck Billy + Jake Oni) 
5. Save Defiance (feat. Myles Kennedy)
6. Blur (feat. Mark Morales)
7. Back From The Dead (feat. Josh Todd)
8. Reveal (feat. Naeemah Maddox)
9. Imaginary Days
10. Truth Is Dead (feat. Randy Blythe + Alissa White-Gluz)

Mark Morton: Anesthetic
Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton will release his solo album Anesthetic in March. The record features a number of guest stars and will include a vocal contribution from the late Chester Bennington.View Deal