Marillion release studio update video on new album

(Image credit: Anne-Marie Forker)

Marillion have released a new video clip updating fans on progress in the studio as they work on the follow-up to 2016's FEAR, which you can watch below.

Although wary to cement a release date as work continues under Covid restrictions (guitarist Steve Rothery chose to opt out of travelling to the band's Racket Studio set up), bassist Pete Trewavas, singer Steve Hogarth, keyboardist Mark Kelly and drummer Ian Mosley all spoke enouraginbg about the as-yet untitled album's progress.

"We're in a good place, we've got some great ideas, we've got some really really good music, says Trewavas.

"We're at the process where we've jammed for ages, listened through a lot, taken a vote on what we think is good and Mike is working on it," adds Hogarth of the band's producer Michael Hunter.

"It's at the stage where it sounds like a bunch of songs, rather than jams," says Mark Kelly, while Mosley adds that working on the new record "has been really enjoyable coming in every day to play. Life saving in fact. Keeps the morale up."

All four members suggest work should be wrapped on the work by the end of the years, Covid-permitting, so the first realistic release date could possibly be early 2022.

"Whether we'll have a chance to work a couple of new tunes into the tour I don't know yet," adds Hogarth of the band's planned The Light At The End Of The Tunnel tour dates for November this year. "Maybe. We haven't set a deadline or nailed a release date to the wall because you can't, for a kick off. I imagine it'll be wrapped up by the end of the year." 

Jerry Ewing

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