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Magma to release studio version of Zëss in June

Magma (Image credit: Georges Besnier)

Magma have confirmed that they’ll release their album Zëss next month.

It’ll launch on June 28 via Seventh Records and will come with a 40-page deluxe CD book which will include all the lyrics from the record.

A first draft of Zëss first emerged in 1977, made its live debut in 1979, and was part of the French outfit’s set until 1983.

Now Magma have decided to complete the project and release a studio version with an orchestra.

Vocalist and producer Stella Vander Linon says: “It was the right time for us, and our audience wanted it too. We wanted to make a beautiful studio version – different from the live versions and closer to the original vision for the song."

Christian Vander adds: “Zëss is the story of the end of everything – the end of time and of everything that has ever existed. Absolute oblivion, like a dreamless night. 

“If feels like nothing has ever existed nor will it ever exist again – all forms of consciousness have vanished.”

Magma have also released a mini-documentary about the making of Zëss, which can be watched below.

Zëss is now available to pre-order exclusively through the Seventh Records website.