Machine Gun Kelly's old Paramore and Linkin Park covers have sent the internet into a frenzy

Machine Gun Kelly
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Over recent months, Machine Gun Kelly has been smothering headlines like fleas on a rabid dog. As often as not, his spotlight-grabbing  has been a touch disconcerting, however, as evidenced by his sickly and very strange courtship with fiancé Megan Fox, or his seemingly never-ending squabble with Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

In transitioning from the hip-hop scene into pop-punk however, MGK has made some decent headway, particularly with his recent single, Emo Girl, featuring Willow. But his quest for punk rock credibility has taken something of a hit now, as TikTok users have stumbled upon his old, and rather questionable, takes on huge hits from the 2000s emo era.

As music fans across the platform engage in a viral MGK roast, they're finding numerous, creative ways to describe just how disappointing they think his covers of Paramore's Misery Business and Linkin Park's Numb truly are.

Mathias Morte, who analyses popular music on the social media app, compared the original track by Paramore against the cover by MGK, and delivered this critical analysis. Beginning with "there are a lot of reasons why [MGK's cover] sucks", he lists the two initial reasons as "the fact MGK has the vocal range of a turtle" and poor pitch correction.

Another user decided to up the heat by pretending that a sound bite of Disney's Goofy singing Evanescence's Bring Me To Life was actually Machine Gun Kelly. 

Other MGK haters have opted for more basic roast tactics, and have simply shown memes of people crying while his Paramore cover plays over the top. Most users are in agreement though that the character of the classic track had been completely sucked out, due to MGK's somewhat monotone singing. Other takes include culinary comparisons such as "warm flat coke" and "microwaved lettuce". 

As for his stab at Linkin Park's Numb, comments are similarly unkind, with one even stating that it could lead to "Chester turning in his grave". Ouch.

What do you think of the covers? Watch some of the reaction videos below:


♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

♬ original sound - proZDfanpage

♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker
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