Machine Gun Kelly's new song Emo Girl featuring Willow will have you fist-pumping in your old fishnet gloves

Machine Gun Kelly and Willow
(Image credit: MEENO)

Emos, rejoice! Machine Gun Kelly is here to make us all transition back to our former teen-angst-fuelled selves with his new song, Emo Girl, featuring Willow [Smith].

The single is the second to be released from the rapper-turned-rocker's forthcoming newly-retitled album Mainstream Sellout, previously known as Born With Horns. MGK announced the name alternation recently via his TikTok account, which was amusing because A. he already had the original album title tattooed and B. so did producer/ Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. 

Back to the single, though: If you're feeling nostalgic of the days where MySpace was your answer to Facebook, MSN was the holy grail of instant messaging and listening to Avril Lavigne/Fall Out Boy/Sum 41 on full volume was the best way to piss off your mum, then Emo Girl is the song you're going to need to be blasting this weekend.

Machine Gun Kelly first previewed the track last weekend with a TikTok video that managed to amass a huge 17 million total views. So, 17 million of you are about to be reluctantly (or unashamedly) fist-pumping.

Mainstream Sellout is due to arrive March 25 via Bad Boy/Interscope Records. The album's first single, Papercuts, was released last August.

Listen to Emo Girl below:

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