Love's grudges all in the past..


Courtney Love says her time for holding grudges is in the past – and while she insists relations are good between her former Hole bandmates, she's taken another swipe at ex-boyfriend Billy Corgan.

She recently quashed rumours of a Hole reunion after some rehearsals with Melissa Auf der Maur, Patty Schemel and Eric Erlandson – and now she says her role in TV series Sons Of Anarchy means her focus is on acting, not making music.

Love tells Paper magazine: “It’s more important for me to act right now than to play rock’n’roll. Me, Melissa, Patty and Eric have rehearsed a few times, but in order to pull that off, we’d have to make some music that’s relevant to now. And we’d have to get a modern producer.

“My relationship with them is great. At this point in my life no one is my enemy. Any grudges or issues with that past? I’m done with it.”

But she adds: “The only person I’m concerned about is Corgan. I’m like, ‘What is your problem?’ I just wish he’d mellow out, that’s all. We’re older – get over it.”

Love reveals work on her memoir The Girl With The Most Cake has turned into a “disaster” and reveals it’s just not working out for her at the moment. She says: “It’s a nightmare. I never wanted to write a book in my entire life. It just sort of happened. I have a co-writer, but it’s just not working.

“One of my rules about the book is that it has to stop in 2006. What happens from 2006 on in the book is my personal business. I’ve been discreet from that time on – and I want to keep it that way.”

Love recently insisted she’d have a say over who plays the leading role in a biopic about late husband Kurt Cobain, and revealed she’s spent $27million of Nirvana’s royalties on legal action.

Meanwhile, Corgan has reported he’s considering splitting the Smashing Pumpkins if their upcoming albums don’t resonate with fans.