Lounge Kittens stare out unbelievers


Lounge Kittens say they turn unresponsive fans using the power of the intense stare.

The all-girl trio toured with Steel Panther earlier this year and they say that while they were mostly well received, they did have to work on some punters.

The band tell TeamRock Radio: “We picked up loads of fans and people seemed to like it. There’s always that one guy who refuses to have any fun. He stands there like, ‘I’m not having any fun, this is not metal.’

“We try and turn them by looking at them for an entire song until they have to either look away or smile. And then we’ve won, and it works.”

Steel Panther have a reputation as women-obsessed rockers and their fans often play along. So much so that the Kittens took the stage on almost every night of the tour with audience chants of ‘show your boobies’ ringing in their ears. But it was all in the right spirit. The band say: “It was wicked, we didn’t have to show our boobies at all.”

Lounge Kittens open the Encore stage at Download tomorrow (June 13) and they’ve a few treats up their sleeves. They add: “We’re busting out two new songs tomorrow. We’ve got a special Download 2015 medley – 15 bands in five minutes. And a special punk pop medley.”

They released their covers EP Just The Tip… earlier this year featuring their take on tracks by artists including Slipknot, Aerosmith and Limp Bizkit. Following their Download appearance they play two more festival sets this summer:

Jun 19: Graspop, Belgium

Jun 26: Glastonbury, UK