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Lounge Kittens get Christmassy with Andrew WK

The Kittens are aiming for the Christmas #2 spot with this festive cover of Andrew WK’s smash hit Party Hard.

Having covered the likes of Bizkit and Slipknot in the past, the Kittens have chosen the master of partying for their Christmas single. “I was adamant that I would rather eat my own eyes than sing an actual Christmas song,” says Timia Kitten. “We instead decided to turn the focus to all the intensive partying that takes place during this time of year, and there really was only one choice of song. It’s the ultimate party anthem.”

And as the video shows, partying comes in all shapes and sizes – from sitting and reading Viz to watching scary movies to getting wrecked on gin. The Kittens do it all!

You can pre-order Party Hard now on iTunes (opens in new tab).