Lombardo sick of Slayer questions

Dave Lombardo is tired of answering questions about his former band, Slayer.

Following his firing from the group last year over a contractual dispute, Lombardo stated he would never return and that Slayer’s manager will likely keep the franchise going after all the original members are gone while claiming he has been rejuvenated by the fall release of Philm’s second album, Fire From The Evening Sun.

Lombardo tells Envision Radio Networks: “How sick am I? I’m pretty sick of it. Especially when it gets misconstrued in many different ways. Yeah, it’s pretty annoying.”

“But you have to understand that these journalists, they’re fans and they’ve listened to your music for years. And what other fans, and the public, or the Internet, what they don’t understand is that they’re interested in these questions because they’ve followed the band.”

The drummer says that his comments regarding Slayer often get taken of out context so he’s decided to focus his energies elsewhere.

“You’ve gotta have some kind of understanding of why this is in the press, but they obviously don’t. And they kind of take it out of context, and next thing you know you look like a bad guy, like you’re talking shit, and, actually, no, I’m just answering the fucking question in the most honest way. You can’t win, so that’s why I kind of shy away from those questions and focus on my new band.”

Philm made their UK debut in September and with no further live dates scheduled at the moment, Lombardo will be kept busy working on the soundtrack for upcoming horror sequel Insidious: Chapter 3.