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Listen to new Baroness single Throw Me An Anchor

Baroness (Image credit: Jimmy Hubbard)

Baroness have released a stream of their new single titled Throw Me An Anchor.

It’s the third single to be lifted from the band’s upcoming album Gold & Grey which will launch on June 14 via Abraxan Hymns.

Baroness previously released Seasons and Borderlines from the follow-up to 2015’s Purple.

Speaking about the record, vocalist and guitarist John Baizley said: “Our goal is, was, and will always be to write increasingly superior, more honest and compelling songs – and to develop a more unique and challenging sound.

“I’m sure we have just finished our best, most adventurous album to date. We dug incredibly deep, challenged ourselves and recorded a record I’m positive we could never again replicate.”

Gina Gleason, who took over guitar duties from Pete Adams in 2017, added: “As a longtime Baroness listener, it is exciting to have created something new while still maintaining a deep love and understanding of the band’s roots.

“To say that the making of this record was quite a journey would be an understatement. We are beyond excited to share this experience and music with everyone!” 

Baroness will return to the road next month in support of Gold & Grey, which is now available to pre-order. Find further details below.

Baroness: Gold & Grey
1. Front Toward Enemy
2. I’m Already Gone
3. Seasons
4. Sevens
5. Tourniquet
6. Anchor’s Lament
7. Throw Me An Anchor
8. I’d Do Anything
9. Blankets Of Ash
10. Emmett-Radiating Light
11. Cold Blooded Angels
12. Crooked Mile
13. Broken Halo
14. Can Oscura
15. Borderlines
16. Assault On East Falls
17. Pale Sun

Baroness: Gold & Grey
Baroness return with their brand new studio album Gold & Grey. The follow-up to 2015's Purple contains 17 tracks, including the lead singles Borderlines and Seasons.View Deal