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Leeched stream new album You Took The Sun When You Left in full

Leeched band

Leeched are premiering their new album You Took The Sun When You Left exclusively with Metal Hammer.

It's the debut album from the Mancunian hardcore mob, who are intent on causing destruction wherever they go.

"We are very excited to present this album – almost a year after we released our EP," vocalist Laurie Morbey tells Metal Hammer. "We feel we have made steps in a bolder direction as a band since then, and hope people will hear this experimentation when they listen."

The band are currently on tour across the UK with Full Of Hell.

"It’s been great to be on the road with Full Of Hell the week the album comes out – it’s certainly made an impact. We’ve even had people coming to shows because they saw the album reviews online. Thank you to everyone who’s checked us out so far!” 

You Took The Sun When You Left is released August 24, via Prosthetic Records. It's available to pre-order now from Amazon (opens in new tab) and from HMV (opens in new tab).

Luke Morton