Lamb Of God, Judas Priest and more on tonight's Hammer Radio Show


We toiled through the festive season – subsisting on only mince pies and the finest wines known to man – in order to bring you a magazine we could be proud of.

So, let’s revel in the latest issue of Metal Hammer with music from featured bands, Lamb Of God, Martyr Defiled, Down, Of Mice & Men, While She Sleeps, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Plus we’ll be talking about the news that the whole world appears to be abstaining from something as 2015 begins: booze, chocolate, bingeing etc. Not to feel left out, we’re giving up our spin classes. Anyway, it got us thinking…

What things did you once try to give up and did it work and if it didn’t then why not? Milas quit smoking and it stuck, ditto Wilding and meat or fish.

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