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Krow unveil lyric vid for Whoreborn

Based around the crack crisis in Brazil, extreme metallers Krow have just released this intense and visceral punch to the senses with some interesting and graphic lyrics…

Speaking about the prevalent themes of the track, the band say “This is a really powerful track for its meaning and for the way it sounds. This is completely Krow’s style – fast, aggressive and with all the thrash and death elements we like to mix into our music, with an old school and modern approach together.

“This EP talks about how the drug addiction problem can infect your heart and soul, disturbing all your feelings and making you get completely out of your mind and just being a shadow of yourself. Keep an eye out for us this year, we will have new recordings, new record label and new tours! Enjoy the track and break your fuckin’ necks to it! “

Krow’s Relentless Disease EP is out now.