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King Diamond feeling better than ever

Following triple-bypass heart surgery in 2010, King Diamond says he now feels “fresher” after gigs than before.

And following doctor’s advice to quit smoking, the Danish metal veteran says his vocals sound better than ever.

He tells WRKR-FM: “Our stage production is two stories and I’m up and down those stairs several times throughout the set. It’s not easy when you sing my style of vocals.

“I get much less oxygen than the rest of the band as I take a deep breath and let it out slowly while I’m controlling the outflow. I can sing song lines and keep talking, so it’s a lot less oxygen into the blood. I really have to economise what’s going on.

“But now, after those 90 minutes when I get off stage, I feel, ‘Was that it?’ It’s not a problem. I’m fresher than I used to be after shows.”

He continues: “It’s easier than it ever was, simply because I had no idea it was that big of a difference with the cigarettes on the voice. It’s a big thing.”

Diamond also says the band are sounding “better than ever” thanks to the input of Hammerfall’s Pontus Norgren, who is working as sound engineer on the group’s upcoming album.

He continues: “The music style is coming full circle. Our sound engineer is Pontus Norgren and what he does with our sound, it will blow your mind. The band is tighter and better than ever. If you’ve never seen us, this is the right time to see the band.”

Diamond recently announced Pontus Egberg had taken over bass duties following the departure of Hal Patino, which sparked a war of words between the two camps.

Scott Munro

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