Judy Dyble confirms she has lung cancer

Judy Dyble
(Image credit: Judy Dyble)

Former Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble has confirmed she is suffering from lung cancer. She made the announcement in a post on her Facebook page on Friday.

In a short statement she said: "The mindless thing in my lung is malignant and is spreading it's tendrils far and wide. So yes, I have lung cancer, and I start chemotherapy next week, like millions of other people all over the world. 

"I don't know how I will be affected or what will happen, but at the moment I won't be doing any of that live singing stuff. Please don't message me at the moment if I don't physically know you in real life, as I haven't got enough brainpower to answer.

She goes on to say, "Yes I am sick, but I am in the hands of experienced doctors and specialists, and I have read up a lot about my condition. Please do not offer me advice, because every person I meet gives me detailed advice irrespective of whether I need it or not. And mostly the advice conflicts so please, I get tired just trying to keep up. 

"Please resist the urge to advise me. Often a hug is about all I can cope with - Thank you."

Dyble, who released the acclaimed Earth Is Sleeping in 2018, has been working on a new album with Big Big Train frontman David Longdon, which is due for release in Spring/Summer 2020.

Dyble told Prog that if news of her condition helps one person into thinking about stopping smoking, she will be delighted.

Prog sends Judy our very best wishes with her treatment and recovery.

Jerry Ewing

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