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Judas Priest to launch live Battle Cry

Judas Priest will release a live concert film entitled Battle Cry next month, they’ve confirmed.

It was shot during the band’s appearance at last year’s Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, while they were touring in support of 17th album Redeemer Of Souls.

Epic Records say: “What makes the show’s tracklisting so appealing is that it balances new classics – Dragonaut, Halls Of Valhalla, Redeemer Of Souls – along with headbanging classics Metal Gods, Electric Eye and You’ve Got Another Thing Coming, as well as key album tracks from yesteryear: Devil’s Child, Beyond The Realms Of Death, Jawbreaker.

“For decades, Judas Priest have been one of the greatest live bands in the entire heavy metal genre. And as evidenced by Battle Cry, they rock harder and more ferociously than ever.”

The 17-track Wacken set is accompanied on DVD and Blu-ray by three bonus tracks recorded in Poland in December. It’s launched on March 25.


  1. (Intro) Battle Cry
  2. Dragonaut
  3. Metal Gods
  4. Devil’s Child
  5. Victim Of Changes
  6. Halls Of Valhalla
  7. Turbo Lover
  8. Redeemer Of Souls
  9. Beyond The Realms of Death
  10. Jawbreaker
  11. Breaking The Law
  12. Hell Bent For Leather
  13. The Hellion
  14. Electric Eye
  15. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
  16. Painkiller
  17. Living After Midnight

Bonus tracks

  1. Screaming For Vengeance
  2. The Rage
  3. Desert Plains