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Jordan Rudess completes keyboards for new Dream Theater album

Dream Theater have checked in to confirm that all the keyboard parts for their new studio album have been completed.

In a short video from the studio, keyboardist Jordan Rudess and guitarist John Petrucci talk about the process, with Rudess saying he’s “very, very excited” about the follow-up to 2016’s The Astonishing.

The keyboard maestro says: “This is going to be such an amazing record. It’s got so much energy and I’m very happy with all the keyboard parts. Listening back, all you can do is smile.”

Dream Theater began recording what will be their 14th studio album back in June after they signed a new record deal with Sony Music/InsideOut.

Frontman James LaBrie said: “Everybody is in the one room and we’re all interacting with one another and, I gotta tell you, if the first week is any indication of where this album’s going, you’re in for a treat.”

Further details will be revealed in due course.