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John Lennon's ranting letter to McCartney sells for $30,000

A picture of Lennon's letter to the McCartney's

An angry letter from John Lennon to Paul and his then-wife Linda McCartney following the breakup of The Beatles has sold at auction for just under $30,000.

Boston-based RR Auctions estimated the letter would fetch at least $20,000 when they announced the listing recently. And today they’ve revealed it sold for $29,843.

The two-page typed letter with hand-written annotations by Lennon shows the extent of his bitterness after the break-up of the Beatles.

The draft letter is believed to date from 1971 and was said to be a response to criticism that Lennon had received from Linda about his decision to not publicly announce his departure from the band.

It reads: “I was reading your letter and wondering what middle aged cranky Beatle fan wrote it.

“I resisted looking at the last page to find out. I kept thinking who is it, Queenie? Stuart’s mother? Clive Epstein’s wife? Alan Williams? What the hell – it’s Linda! Who do you think we/you are?

“Linda, if you don’t care what I say shut up! Let Paul write or whatever.”

Other items included in the sale were a Led Zeppelin debut album inscribed to the founding member of the James Gang which sold for $28,850 and a signed Beatles program from 1963 which fetched $16,541.

Lennon's letter to the McCartney's page 1

Lennon's letter to the McCartney's page 1

Lennon's letter to the McCartney's page 2

Lennon's letter to the McCartney's page 2

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