Job For A Cowboy reveal Sun Eater


Job For A Cowboy will release fourth album Sun Eater in November – and they believe it makes them sound like an all-new band.

They’re trailed the follow-up to 2012’s Demonocracy with lead track Sun Of Nihility. It’s described as containing “futuristic tones, a wider spectrum of textures and an emphasis on ancestral song construction.”

Guitarist Tony Sannicandro says: “This album came together very smoothly. We had the concept beforehand. I took a much more melodic approach than on Demonocracy, focusing on the structuring and layering that would complement the story to my ears.”

Producer Jason Suecof adds: “This band is composed entirely of top-notch musicians and they’re clearly at the top of their game. The album has got feeling – and it’s fucking brutal.”

Sun Eater is released on November 10 via Metal Blade Records.


  1. Eating The Visions Of God

  2. Sun Of Nihility

  3. The Stone Cross

  4. The Synthetic Sea

  5. A Global Shift

  6. The Celestial Antidote

  7. Encircled By Mirrors

  8. Buried Monuments

  9. Worming Nightfall