Jem Godfrey updates on new Frost* album Life In The Wires

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Frost* mainman Jem Godfrey has provided fans with an update on the progress of the latest album from the UK prog rockers. The upcoming album, the band's fifth, will be entitled Life In The Wires, featuring Nathan King, John Mitchell and Craig Blundell alongside Godfrey, and will hopefully be released later this year.

He also confirmed the upcoming digital release for both Island Live, which has completely sold out in Blu-ray format, and the live film Falling Satellive, recorded on the band's tour for their 2016 album Falling Satellites.

Writing on the band's Facebook page, Godfrey revealed: "Work on Life In The Wires is progressing nicely and the old crew are back together - Craig, Nath and John are standing by, Mr Carl Glover is back onboard to deliver yet more cracking album art and even the mastering date is (foolishly) booked.

"I reckon there's going to be about 80 minutes of music when this is complete so that raises an interesting thought or two doesn't it? If a single vinyl LP can hold about 40 minutes of music...

"Keep an eye also on the website in the next few weeks as we'll soon be announcing details of the digital releases of both Island Live and the long awaited Falling Satellive gig film from 2017.

So, at risk of an uncharacteristically grandiloquent declaration - Frost* are back in 2024! (Just don't ask about gigs yet eh? One thing at a time.)."

Frost* released their last studio album, Day And Age, through InsideOut Music in 2021. On the band's tour in suport of the album last year Godfrey ended the show promising it wouldnlt be another ive years before they toured again!

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