Jem And Simon Godfrey Release Album In Support Of Cardiacs Singer

Six Questions, Twelve Answers
Jem And Simon Godfrey Six Questions, Twelve Answers

Six Questions, Twelve Answers

Answer 1
Answer 2
Answer 3
Answer 4
Answer 5
Answer 6
Answer 7
Answer 8
Answer 9
Answer 10
Answer 11
Answer 12

Prog brothers Jem and Simon Godfrey have released an album, Six Questions, Twelve Answers, which will help raise finds for Cardiacs singer Tim Smith.

We reported back in January how the Cardiacs singer needed help to raise funds for rehabilitation from the crippling cardiac arrest and stroke he suffered back in 2008. Now Simon Godfrey says, "My brother Jem Godfrey and I have been huge Cardiacs fans since the early 1980s and we very much wanted like to contribute to his cause by releasing (through Bad Elephant Music) something a bit special in the form of a previously unreleased collaborative project between Jem and myself; Six Questions; Twelve Answers."

The project utilises tracks that the pair had originally recorded back in 1999, but had long since been thought lost following a fatal computer crash until Simon Godfrey discovered the "lost" work whilst unpacking his belongings following his move to Philadelphia.

"Jem and I came up with the idea of writing half a dozen instrumental tracks separately, each based upon six absurdly short questions; Why, What, How, Who, Where and When?," he explains of the project's origins. "Just to see if they might all fit together as an album. It was the musical equivalent of the child’s game where you draw a head on a piece of paper, fold it over, then another person draws the body, etc. We wanted to make something interesting in the hope of confounding our own expectations because as any artist worth their salt will tell you; that’s where the fun stuff is.

"Both Jem and I would like to thank David Elliott and all the staff at BEM for allowing us to release this record through the label and for generously agreeing to pass on all the proceeds generated, to Tim Smith's JustGiving page."

You can purchase Six Questions, Twelve Answers for £5 from the Bad Elephant Music/Shineback Bandcamp page.

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