Iron Maiden: Bruce Dickinson is singing better than ever

Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden (Image credit: Getty)

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris says Bruce Dickinson is singing “better than ever.”

The bassist says their frontman has upped his game with more rehearsal time since he won his battle with cancer last year.

He tells Planet Rock: “It’s a fantastic feeling just to be out there again, because last year we didn’t know whether we even had a band, let alone a tour. Obviously Bruce is fine, he’s singing fantastic – in fact, I think he’s probably singing better than ever.

“He wanted to do more rehearsals, which is unheard of, he never likes doing loads of rehearsals. So the fact after a month’s rehearsals, he was in such good shape was absolutely fantastic.

“We’re just pleased to be out on the tour, well I am anyway – I’m sure I can vouch for the rest of them when I say that.”

Harris also says Iron Maiden went with inflatables for their stage production so they could fit more in the cargo hold of their Ed Force One.

He continues: “We designed the show to include inflatable stuff so we could pack it down and get more in. It allowed us to have a little bit more in the cargo bay.

“For Bruce to be able to go and fly that about, he’s so into his planes anyway that it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity. It’s great to be out there but to step up a level to go on a massive plane like that. When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe the size of the bloody thing.”

The band are currently touring Europe in support of their latest album The Book Of Souls, which won Best Album at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods earlier this week.

Iron Maiden Book Of Souls tour

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