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Inglorious frontman slams former members in startling video rant

In October this year, Inglorious revealed that they’d release their new studio album Ride To Nowhere in January.

However, shortly after the announcement, it was confirmed that Drew Lowe, Andreas Eriksson and bassist Colin Parkinson had left the band.

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Parkinson said Inglorious had become “more of a theatre show than a band” and that “bitchy comments” led to a sour atmosphere in the group which he branded “Nathan’s project.”

Now, in what appears to be a video aimed directly at Parkinson, Lowe and Eriksson, the Inglorious frontman has lashed out in an astonishing video rant.

The original post was removed, but has since been uploaded to YouTube.

James says: “I just wish people would stop using my name to get press because the only reason anyone knows who these people are is because of their affiliation with me.

“And that’s sad, because some of them are very talented people and it would be great if their music could speak for themselves. They don’t all have four-octave ranges and sing like me, so it must be hard. Absolute delusion.”

James then goes on to criticise their vocal talent and adds: “I’m a singer. I’ll sing anything anywhere and I promise you it’ll be really good.”

They don’t all have four-octave ranges and sing like me, so it must be hard.

Nathan James

As for the work on Inglorious’ albums, James says: “The boys all contributed riffs and songs to the albums, but never with melodies or lyrics. Every word that’s ever been written apart from on two Inglorious songs were entirely mine. 

“Every melody that you sing along to at an Inglorious show or when you’re listening to the songs – when you sing along, you sing along to the bit I wrote. Me. On my own. In private.

“I have literally done everything from day one because it’s my fucking band, OK? Mine, no one else’s.”

He adds: “The moral of the story is don’t believe all you read and the second moral of the story is do not use my fucking name to get yourself press. It will not work well for you.

“I have a much bigger following, I have really loyal followers, I have really amazing fans and friends and if you’re going to be an ungrateful piece of shit, fuck you.

“Fuck you, because I am about to play the Genting Arena in Birmingham to 10,000 people, and in January and February, I’ll be touring the UK with Inglorious and we are going to have a fucking ball.

“Tickets are selling really well, it’s going to be an amazing show – never, ever underestimate me. It will never work well for you. I promise you, the moment you underestimate me will be the dumbest moment of your fucking life.”

Check out the full video below.

James is part of the touring War Of The Worlds stage show which will run through December 17.