Indie rockers Black Honey embrace their inner child on deliciously grungy new track, Up Against It

Black Honey Up Against It video
(Image credit: Black Honey)

Indie rockers Black Honey have returned with new single, Up Against It, lifted from their forthcoming album A Fistful Of Peaches, scheduled for release on March 17.

Up Against It was written as frontwoman Izzy Phillips' ode to her former self , serving as a reminder to nurture her inner child and to "give yourself a break, kid", when times get hard or overwhelming.

The track itself hones in on a 90s, Nirvana-esque grunge sound, complete with a slack rhythm, distortion-saturated guitars and effortlessly cool, airy vocals.

Speaking of the new release, Phillips explains, "This song is an open letter to my younger self. And to every young discriminated and marginalised person out there. I want so bad to give them an anthem that was instead of “fuck the world” would give them a screaming discovery of new found kindness towards themselves. 

Troubled young people give themselves the hardest time of all. I want to tell them that you are hurting and things are harder than you ever thought they could be, but all you have to do is show up for yourself every day. Things aren’t always going to go to plan but I know that future you is fucking proud of who you are now. And you will look back on yourself with huge admiration. Give yourself a break kid, you were up against it.” 

So far from the new album, Black Honey have also shared the singles Charlie Bronson, Out Of My Mind and Heavy.

Of the forthcoming LP, Phillps says: "Most of this record is me trying to figure out where the line is between normal mental health and when you’re having breakdowns every day that then become part of normal.

"I thought everyone cried everyday, I thought everyone had traumatic flashbacks and nightmares. This album is like, what the fuck? I didn’t have to have that? It’s like opening a new door to a future that I didn’t think possible, but it’s also soured by the realisation that I had to suffer through so much that I shouldn’t have had to. I don’t know what I’ll make next but it won’t be where I was when I made this.”

Watch the video for Up Against It below:

A Fistful Of Peaches tracklist:

1. Charlie Bronson
2. Heavy
3. Ups Against It
4. Out of My Mind
5. Rock Bottom
6. Cut the Cord
7. OK
8. I’m a Man
9. Nobody Knows
10. Weirdos
11. Tombstone
12. Bummer

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