If you needed reminding that Doom Eternal has the most metal game soundtrack ever, the man behind it has just posted this ripper of a video

Cover art for Doom Eternal and Mick Gordon playing guitar
(Image credit: Bethesda/Twitter)

When Doom Eternal dropped back in 2020, it wasn't just the incredible landscapes, horrendous demons, disgusting gore and sprawling story that got the world excited. It was the hard-as-nails, badass soundtrack, chock full of meaty riffs written specially to accompany a bit of the old rip and tear.

The man behind the music is Mick Gordon, composer extraordinaire, responsible for both the soundtracks of Doom Eternal and 2016's Doom. He has also recently worked with Bring Me The Horizon on POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR providing additional synthesizers, percussion, production and Motionless In White on Scoring The End Of The World where he provided vocals and instrumentation to the title track.

And it appears as though Mick is giving out a few reminders of just what an incredible job he did on both games with his recent post on Twitter.

To be exact, it's a video of him with his guitar, playing the main riff from The Super Gore Nest, one of the nastiest and gnarliest levels in the game, and it sounds utterly incredible. A thick thrash-inspired riff that then elevates into some twang-filled djent before finishing up with the straight-cut metal brilliance, all in the space of 40 seconds. It's enough to make you want to quit your job, head out into the world and take up fighting demons for a living.

Have a listen below.

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And whilst we are here, it would be amiss to not indulge in the incredible behind the scenes look at the Heavy Metal Choir, a group of vocalists brought together to create the sound of Hell.

Mick has also worked on the music for the upcoming game Atomic Heart, of which he has donated his fee from to the Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Here's the trailer: