"I call Bill Bruford and blurt out 'how would you like to be in a rock band again?' Bill says, 'And do what? Sit around a luggage carousel all day?' But he gave us his blessing." Adrian Belew opens up on the formation of Beat

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Adrian Belew has shed more light on the formation of Beat, the band he has formed with fellow King Crimson alumni Tony Levin, Tool drummer Danny Carey and guitarist Steve Vai, and which Prog revealed back in March.

The quartet have just announced a full North American tour for September, October and November in which they will be performing music from King Crimson's three 1980s albumsDiscipline, Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair.

Now Belew has taken to social media to shed more light on a process that began back in 2019, and which saw the guitarist, famously left out of King Crimson's more recent live exploits, engage with former bandmates Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford as plans for what became Beat unfolded. You can see Belew's original message below.

"You may be surprised to know Beat has been in the works for five years! here is a brief timeline of events," Belew states. "In 2019, I began thinking about whether or not King Crimson might somehow tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Discipline, Beat, and Three Of A Perfect Pair coming in 2021.

"Eventually I decide to call Robert. I explain my thoughts and we have a good talk. he declines to be involved, with many legitimate reasons, but says, "If you want to 'drive it' Ade, you have my support."

"I call Bill Bruford and blurt out, "how would you like to be in a rock band again?!" Bill says, "and do what? sit around a luggage carousel all day?!! but he also gives the idea his blessing.

"In the same period I am working with Scrote (aka Angelo Bundini) who produces the Celebrating David Bowie shows. Now that I know it cannot be King Crimson, Scrote and I begin brainstorming. could we do this?! knowing the immensity of making that happen I immediately ask Scrote to produce it and happily he accepts. the brainstorming continues...

"We feel Steve Vai is the only choice for guitarist. I had read somewhere he said he greatly admired Robert's work and he seems like he can play anything!

"Scrote passes Steve's number to me. I call Steve from the parking lot of my local Publix grocery store! he surprises me by being genuinely excited about the idea!

"Then COVID HITS! Along with a 2.5 year lull. Eventually, concerts begin again.

"Scrote begins partnering with Miles Copeland to produce tours and invites Miles Copeland and Stevo Glendenning to be part of this new tour idea. Scrote contacts Steve again. he is still very interested and excited but has 18 months of backdates to honor!

"Autumn 2023: Steve is nearing being available so I call Robert back to tell him how things are going. he says he supports the project and suggests we call the tour Beat.

"The bass player for this tour had to be the great Tony Levin. Imagine! but we knew he was touring with Peter Gabriel. when the tour ends we ask Tony and he checks to be sure that Gabriel won’t be touring during our time frame. Tony says yes! now we have two of the original members! the stars are aligning.

"Danny Carey was the drummer I imagined from the start, but I figured he wouldn't be available since Tool was touring. still, I know how much music means to him. Tool plays in Nashville in late January. I attend the concert and visit with Danny. He mentions the Tool touring is nearly over for the year. I tell him what we're doing and ask him to join. he is stunned and beaming with joy but uncertain he can.

"Three days later Danny calls to say he has cleared everything with his family and with Tool. (thank you!)

"And Beat begins."

Beat's North American tour begins at the San Jose Civic on September 12 and concludes at the The Theater at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas on Novmber 8.

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