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Humanist team up with Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan for new single Shock Collar

Dave Gahan and Rob Marshall
Dave Gahan and Rob Marshall (Image credit: Derrick Belcham)

Rob Marshall’s Humanist have released a video for their new single titled Shock Collar featuring Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan.

The song will feature on the band’s upcoming self-titled album which will launch on February 21 through Ignition Records.

Along with Gahan, the record will feature an all-star cast including Mark Lanegan, Mark Gardener, Carl Hancock Rux, John Robb, Joel Cadbury, Ilse Maria, Ron Sexsmith and Jim Jones.

Gahan says: “It was a pleasure to be asked to be a part of Rob’s Humanist project. Mark Lanegan asked me, and I liked the idea immediately. It’s a beast!

“I went for the vocal, with the visual of driving fast on an empty highway. We shot the video over a couple of days in New York, and it all came together.”

Marshall adds: “I’d been writing a lot of music at the time for the record, and I was really getting back into big guitar tracks again, and I had a song – which would eventually become Shock Collar – that I felt could be a great single. It was something special when Dave said he would sing this. 

“He’s achieved so much over the years, an incredible frontman, with such a soaring voice and presence, but with no trademark tone of celebrity or ego whatsoever. Very humble, gentle and giving. 

“When we shot the video, he worked extremely hard on the day, performing each take with total gusto and energy, which didn't let up throughout his performances.” 

Humanist will tour across the UK throughout March. Check out a list of dates below.

Humanist: Humanist
Humanist is led by Rob Marshall, who has assembled an all-star cast for their self-titled album – including Dave Gahan, Mark Lanegan, Mark Gardener and Jim Jones.View Deal

Humanist: Humanist
1. Intro
2. Kingdom (feat. Mark Lanegan)
3. Beast Of The Nation (feat. Mark Lanegan)
4. Shock Collar (feat. Dave Gahan)
5. Lie Down (feat. Madman Butterfly)
6. Ring Of Truth (feat. Carl Hancock Rux)
7. Skull (feat. Mark Lanegan)
8. English Ghosts (feat. John Robb) [Full Version]
9. In My Arms (feat. Joel Cadbury)
10. When The Lights Go Out (feat. Mark Gardener)
11. Truly Too Late (feat. Ilse Maria)
12. How're You Holding Up (feat. Ron Sexsmith)
13. Mortal Eyes (feat. Carl Hancock Rux & Joel Cadbury)
14. Shoot Kill (feat. Jim Jones)
15. Gospel (feat. Mark Lanegan)

Humanist 2020 UK tour dates
Mar 23rd:  Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge
Mar 24: London The Lexington
Mar 25: Sheffield Picture House
Mar 26: Glasgow Nice N Sleazy
Mar 27: Newcastle Riverside 2
Mar 28: Manchester Soup Kitchen
Mar 29: Brighton Prince Albert