Hiraeth release stream of Happiness Aside


Hiraeth have released their track Happiness Aside exclusively with Metal Hammer.

It features on the English outfit’s upcoming EP Timelines, which is out on September 19.

Guitarist Cohan Woods tells Metal Hammer: “As the first release in the band’s new direction, Happiness Aside blends infectious pop melodies with stadium filling rock energy.

“Leaving behind throat-ripping vocals and string-burning riffs, Hiraeth are steadily steering their sound towards radio friendly pop-rock, worthy of the most critical acclaim.”

Last year, Hiraeth released their debut EP The World Ends With You.

Timelines cover

Timelines cover

Hiraeth Timelines tracklist

  1. Those Below You
  2. Happiness Aside
  3. Take Me Back
  4. The Sun Inside
  5. Trapped
  6. Wake Up
  7. A Lonely Weekend