HIM, Behemoth and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Thirty years after Maiden's Powerslave was released we’ve got a show so muscular and epically defined that you’ll think that we’ve been pumping it full of steroids and making it dead-lift Cadillacs.

Tonight we’re kicking out some of the best from HIM’s debut record plus a ton of brutish tunes from Behemoth, Emperor, Nightwish, Satyricon, Turisas, Type O Negative, Killing Joke and Mastodon.

We’ll also be talking about Lauryn Hill’s somewhat disastrous return to the UK after she kept the crowd waiting for 90 minutes. Oops. Anyway, it got us thinking…

What’s the worst gig you’ve seen and why and who kept you waiting the longest before they hit the stage?

You can listen live on Team Rock Radio and DAB at the NEW TIME OF 8PM. Be there!

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