Here's that Kate Bush cover in the style of Killswitch Engage you didn't know you wanted

Kate Bush and Anthony Vincent
(Image credit: Nightflight / Youtube, Anthony Vincent)

As you may have noticed, anything related to Netflix science fiction drama Stranger Things is like catnip to us, and we’ve been positively giddy in recent weeks. 

Both Kate Bush and Metallica have seen their Spotify numbers and social media mentions spike spectacularly after music they recorded in the mid 80s – Running Up That Hill and Master of Puppets respectively – soundtracked pivotal moments in the show.  

And now YouTuber Anthony Vincent – the Ten Second Songs guy – has thrown his hat into the ring with a cover of Running Up That Hill, in the style of Massachusetts metalcore heroes Killswitch Engage

In the four-minute clip, Vincent channels former vocalist Howard Jones' singing style over some raging riffs and delicate picking. While a lot of attention has been paid to the nuances which make Killswitch unique, there are no Adam D-style capes in the video. A missed open goal, there.

Watch the clip below:

In other Killswitch Engage news, the band – who released their new album Live at the Palladium last month – are tentatively working on new material for their next full-length before joining Lamb of God for a North American tour in the autumn. 

In a recent interview with Heavy, vocalist Jesse Leach revealed that the band may release a new studio album next year.

"We haven't really put deadlines or anything," said Leach, "but I'm personally setting goals for me to create quick, very emotional, raw stuff for the demos and then probably taking a little more time, once we get to the studio, to polish that up and make it sound really good. Some of these demos I'm getting ready to send to the guys, most people would probably laugh because they're just me going nuts; just trying to get the idea out quick and then we'll worry about re-recording it and polishing it and sort of making it sound Killswitch-y."

Simon Young

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