Metallica get their 'Kate Bush moment' as the internet goes crazy for Master Of Puppets being in Stranger Things

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Metallica have earned their own 'Kate Bush moment' thanks to the inclusion of Master Of Puppets in a pivotal scene in the final episode of the latest season of Stranger Things.

Fans of the hugely popular horror series flocked to Netflix over the weekend after the final two episodes of season four were added to the streaming service on Friday - with one scene from the last episode in particular prompting a huge reaction from music fans.


During the episode, as the core Stranger Things characters begin to mount a final challenge to the evils that have overtaken their beloved Hawkins, popular metalhead character Eddie Munson gets his own heroic moment to shine, shredding his way through a heavy metal classic to cause a distraction that enables his pals to complete their part of the grand plan.

As had been suggested by eagle-eyed guitar virtuosos across the internet who had analysed Eddie's playing in a recent trailer, it was none other than Metallica classic Master Of Puppets that the character plays, with the full version of the track being used soon after to add some heavy metal badassery to the climax of the episode. Unsurprisingly, the internet is absolutely loving it, with everyone from diehard metalheads to Metallica newcomers gushing over the MOP segment.

"How powerful was this scene, where eddie sounded and dedicated master of puppets of metallica to chrissy?" said one user on Twitter.

"Eddie playing Master of Puppets will become one of the most iconic scenes in television of this year, easily," proclaimed another.

"I firmly believe that #StrangerThings had the three best needle drops of the year all in one season," argued one viewer. "Running Up That Hill, Separate Ways, and Master of Puppets. All three jaw-dropping moments."

Another user went even further, stating: "Complain about stranger things all you want but you won't deny me the fact that eddie playing master of puppets by metallica...IS the greatest scene of all time."

In fact, Master Of Puppets' inclusion in Stranger Things has been so popular that the track has shot up various Spotify charts after clocking up millions of new streams, landing in the platform's weekly top 50 in both the US and UK.

While Master Of Puppets won't likely achieve quite the same level of viral infamy, it all echoes the runaway success of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, which found new life after its inclusion in an earlier episode of this season of Stranger Things, eventually landing a UK number one single for Bush and becoming one of the most talked-about tracks of 2022...almost forty years after its release.

Watch the instantly iconic Master Of Puppets scene below, and check out various reactions to the scene just below that. The latest season of Stranger Things is out now on Netflix.


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