Hendrix Purple Haze liqueur launched


Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. in association with Jimi Hendrix’s brother, Leon, have launched a liqueur named Purple Haze.

It’s said to be a “mildly sweet and unique blend of vodka, cognac and exotic berries” and is bottled at 17% ABV.

Leon Hendrix says: “I wanted to produce a high quality product that consumers would love while honouring my brother, Jimi, and all of his amazing work.

“He would drink Purple Haze liqueur if he could be here with us today.”

It’s been released to celebrate what would have been the late guitar icon’s 73rd birthday on November 27. It’s currently only available in the US cities of Atlanta, Savannah and Athens. It’s due to expand into California later this month.

Tiger Paw Beverages Inc. are also planning more flavours to join Purple Haze, including Pineapple Haze, Coconut Haze and Cinnamon Haze. Find out more.