Hayley Williams and Matty Healy tease the prospect of a Paramore/The 1975 collaboration

Hayley Williams and Matty Healy
(Image credit: Hayley Williams - Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images / Matty Healy - Matthew Baker/Getty Images)

The prospect of a potential collaboration between Paramore and The 1975 has been given added weight as a result of recent comments from vocalists and bandleaders Hayley Williams and Matty Healy. 

During a December 2 interview on KROQ, Paramore's Hayley Williams responded to a question about musicians who've come out as fans of her band, and singled out The Darkness' frontman Justin Hawkins and The 1975's Matty Healy as two artists who've recently been generous in their comments about Paramore.

"Up until very recently, we were not a band that felt... we did not feel like a 'cool guy' band, like a band that, like, a lot of artists were excited about, or in to," Williams admitted. "We had our own friends, from our little world, our little scenes, but something has happened, we're really grateful: I feel like we're able to meet a lot more artists... `and there's been a lot of really cool appreciation from other artists."

"Matty from The 1975 sent a really sweet message to me and the guys,” she revealed. "He was really encouraging. He just said... I think he saw me talk about one of their songs, and he wrote this very long thing about This Is Why and about how he’s come to every Manchester show that we’ve ever played, and he just loves the band and hopes that we hang out."

"So if you’re listening," said Williams, as if addressing Healy, "let’s set it up."

During an interview with Audacy, Healy was told that Williams had been complimentary towards his band, and responded by saying, "What a legend."

Healy and his bandmates were then shown a clip from Williams' KROQ interview, which he described as "so cool".

"We did speak on message," Healy added, "because she’s been so nice about the band, and I thought that was a bit of an excuse to talk to Hayley from Paramore isn’t it? And then yeah, I think they’ve just finished touring and we’ve said that we’d try and hang out at some point."

he continued: “Paramore, even though they’re the same age as us, [when] they came out they were a lot younger than us when they broke, so they sit in the part of my heart you know like [Healy favourites] Dashboard [Confessional], so they’ll always be a very special band to us."

We await further developments, and will keep you posted.

Paramore's sixth studio album, This Is Why, is scheduled for release on February 10, via Atlantic Records.


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