Halestorm's Lzzy and Arejay on how they discover new music

A still from the video
A still from the video

Halestorm’s Lzzy and Arejay Hale have discussed the very different ways that they discover new music.

Drummer Arejay says he likes using streaming service Spotify to hunt for new bands, while sister Lzzy says she still prefers getting personal recommendations from friends in Nashville, where she now lives.

Arejay tells Live In Limbo: “I do the Spotify thing. I subscribe. Judge me all you want, I’m guilty as charged.

“I accept the new forms of the way music is perceived. You get music to get discovered, to bring people to your show – compared to the way it used to be, where you’d go on tour to sell a record.

“It’s a cool way to discover new music, browse the different genres and playlists, look at the related artists. It’s cool that right in your pocket you can discover any artist, any song ever recorded and put out there.”

Lzzy jokingly calls her brother “a terrible person,” adding that she’s the more “old-fashioned” of the pair.

She says: “He’s into the ‘new’ everything. I just moved to Nashville and there’s an awesome actual hard rock community there.

“When we hang out, if at least two or three of my friends say u should listen to this, that’s how I discover new music. I’m super old-fashioned.”

Arejay replies: “There is that too, the power of word-of-mouth is still an amazing thing. If it wasn’t for word-of-mouth, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Watch the full interview below.

Halestormand co will release their third EP of covers, called Reanimate 3: The Covers EP, on January 6 via Atlantic Records. It’s available for pre-order.

They recently issued their Christmas single, a cover of AC/DC’s Mistress For Christmas.

Halestorm Reanimate 3: The Covers EP artwork

Halestorm Reanimate 3: The Covers EP artwork

Halestorm Reanimate 3: The Covers EP tracklist

  1. Still Of The Night (Originally Performed By Whitesnake)
  2. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (Originally Performed By Sophie B. Hawkins)
  3. I Hate Myself For Loving You (Originally Performed By Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
  4. Heathens (Originally Performed By Twenty One Pilots)
  5. Fell On Black Days (Originally Performed By Soundgarden)
  6. Ride The Lightning (Originally Performed By Metallica)

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