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Guns n’Roses ex DJ Ashba on Axl Rose: It got difficult here and there

Former Guns n’Roses guitarist DJ Ashba has admitted it was sometimes “difficult” to work with Axl Rose – but he’s still grateful for his six years in the band.

He bowed out last year to focus on Sixx:AM, before Rose confirmed that classic-era guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan were returning to the lineup.

Asked to draw a comparison between Rose and notoriously-moody rapper Kanye West, Ashba tells SiriusXM: “It got difficult here and there. He’s definitely, definitely a unique character.”

But he continues: “I had the best time of my life doing it. I’m grateful. He has a very tight-knit circle and I was fortunate enough to be part of that. And he’s always treated me like gold.

“I have not a bad word to say. Although I do know if you cross him he can turn more into the Kanye side of things.”

GnR – who commence their reunion shows next month – are cover stars of the latest edition of Classic Rock, on sale in print, online and via TeamRock+.

Guns N' Roses star in the new issue of Classic Rock

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